We’re uncovering scalable ways to heal the earth and ensure access to delicious, nutritious food for all.

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What we do

Feed people and support regenerative farmers.

Our Food to People program delivers nutritious, regeneratively sourced food to those without access.

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Our regenerative business incubator backs farmers, entrepreneurs, and organizations unlocking better models of agriculture 

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Why we do it

The US food system is in trouble.

Climate change has put the foundations of the U.S. nutritional supply chain in peril. The weather is changing and our ability to feed ourselves is at risk. 

The California Central Valley is facing a 60% increased likelihood of drought and flood years over next two decades.

The Corn Belt's prime topsoil is projected to be depleted in as little as 30 years.

Where will we harvest our next 100 years of food?

We’re seeking creative partnerships to answer that question in a way that supports farmers, communities, and our environment. If you are too, then let’s talk.