Food to people

We deliver overstock from local farms to mutual aid organizations and food banks.

Our story

It all starts with a simple equation.

Local farmers are looking for sustainable markets for nutritious, sustainably grown foods, while many in our communities lack the resources to access these foods. We can help end hunger in our communities, while creating a durable financial pipeline for local farmers.

Farmers market
What we do

How the program works.


We purchase overstock from local regenerative farmers.


We deliver nutritious food to mutual aid organizations and food banks.


Those organizations on the ground work directly with those in the community suffering from food insecurity.

Stats and figures

Food to People in figures.

In 2022, we donated 3300+ lbs of produce through our distribution partners Urban Roots and Valley Outreach.

We directly delivered produce to 10 families in St. Paul, MN and community kitchens in Minneapolis.  This year we plan to expand our donations to over 5000 lbs of produce.